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It's that time of year again, time to set forth upon the new year and cast my hopes and dreams for 2018. Who are we kidding? I feel like this idea needs a complete reboot. As you can see in the results section below, I did horribly on my 2017 resolutions. I am not sure why, but even with the more narrow focus, I think it was just too much. I think I am going to attempt to do quarterly goals in 2018 and see if that makes everything more attainable for me.

My 2018 Quarter 1 Resolutions

I really think that's it. Looking at resolutions at the quarterly level is nice. I know I am going to be quite busy this quarter with traveling and what-have-you. So let's take it a bit slow and actually get something done!

My 2017 Resolutions Results

Restart my efforts in blogging. Would really like to get 12+ posts out this year (1 a month).
Speak at a national tech conference.
Start to learn Go.
Restart my React.js/Express.js tutorial. Get 1,000 readers.
Improve my photography and start publishing photos to somewhere else besides Instagram.


Well, 1 out of 5 goals completed. That's terrible. The only one I have seemed to succeed on was improving my photography. I was lucky enough to be able to take TrackMaven's employee's photos. This was both very stressfull, and very exciting. I do really like portrait photography, and taking 45+ of them really gave me a lot to take away from. On a possitive note, I did get 10,000 sessions and just over 8,500 unique visitors in 2017. That's promising for actually not posting anything relevant this year. I really do want to make this blog work; so we'll see...

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