NodeSchool Briefer This

Josh Finnie


  • Josh Finnie
  • Software Maven @ TrackMaven
  • Purveyor of @NodeDC Hack Nights / Office Hours

What is NodeSchool?

  • NodeSchool is a fully community driven effort to learn Node.js
  • And it is 100% open source
  • Choose-your-own-adventure style lessons
  • 5 Core Concepts and 4 Electives

How do you NodeSchool?

  • @NodeDC will be (possibily) running one in July
  • A Place with the mentor:student ratio will be around 1:5 or better
  • Reach out to a wider group of potential attendees to encourage a more diverse turnout
  • Had something similar last year (link)

Why do you NodeSchool

  • Learn from a beautiful set of open-source tutorials
  • Great way to pick up Node.js if you know javascript
  • Bring your comfort to the backend (write both frontend and backend in javascript)

Demo Time

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