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Adding Markdown to Jade Using Node.js

September 22, 2014


A user on Reddit, itsananderson, pointed out here, that my steps above are not needed since Jade has it’s own filters! This is GREAT! I will be switching over TweetPNG as soon as I can. To write markdown using the builtin filter’s you only need to do the following:

  Add `` to your `img` tag in your HTML, where `:username` is your Twitter handle.

For one of my Node.js applications, TweetPNG I use the HTML templating language called Jade. I adore Jade for allowing me to easily write HTML in a whitespace significant fashion, however it is not always the easiest language to use.

One of the major issues I have with Jade is formatting it correctly when using a lot of inline HTML. This is where I feel Jade breaks down and gets downright ugly! Let’s take this example:

    | Add 
    |  to your 
    code img
    |  tag in your HTML, where 
    code :username
    |  is your twitter username.

The above example is a paragraph where there are three inline code snippets. This really shows a limitiation of Jade and where it becomes almost unusable. Also notice the need for the HTML &nbsp? Overall, this just looks terrible. Sure, I could have just written the code HTML inline and have been done with it, but the idea of Jade is to not have to write HTML.

My Solution

To get around this, I did a cheeky little injection of a Markdown intrepretre. This allowed me to change the Jade above to something that looks like this:

span!= marked("Add `` to your `img` tag in your HTML, where `:username` is your Twitter handle.")

What a difference!

How To

Now I am sure this is a hack, and there might be a better way in pure Jade to write this, but this is how I did it. First, you want to install marked this can be done simply by running:

$ npm install --save marked

This gives you the ability to convert Markdown into HTML! Now, let’s add it to jade:

var marked = require('marked');

module.exports = function(app) {
  return app.get("/", function(req, res) {
    return res.render("home", {
      marked: marked

That’s it. We now have the ability to convert Markdown to HTML inside our Jade template! Let me know what you think! Am I doing this completely wrong? Did I miss a simple conversion in Jade itself? Find me on Twitter and let me know!