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Flask, Zappa, and AWS LambdaDjango District, etc.01/24/2017

Decoupling our Angular.js AppAngularJS DC10/19/2016

Quick and Dirty AWS Lambda in Node.jsNodeDC7/21/2016

CoffeeScript and the Road to ES2015JavaScript DC6/23/2016

Sneaking React into Angular (Again)React DC4/27/2016

Dockerizing your Node App in 5 MinutesNodeDC03/17/2016

Command Line Applications in Node.jsNationJS 201511/13/2015

A DSL in PythonDjango District, etc.10/27/2015

A Pythonista's Day-O-HaskellTM Monthly Challenge07/30/2015

Sneaking React into AngularTM Monthly Challenge05/27/2015

iSat: interactive Satelite TrackerTM Monthly Challenge01/19/2015

Beer Search & Recs in ESTM Monthly Challenge11/12/2014

Making BeerLedge SocialDjango District07/15/2014

What is NodeSchool?DC JQuery User Group (now DCJS)06/02/2014

Building A Node.js Command Line AppNodeDC05/22/2014

Installing Drupal with Ansible.DrupalDC02/10/2014