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Banning IE6

September 15, 2010

I really don’t understand why people have decided that I am not allowed to see their website. Sure, I understand that IE6 is overly out-of-date, but there has to be a reason that I am running it. For example, my office has not upgraded yet; so because of that I am not allowed to see your site?

IE6 is blocked

Given the fact that IE in general has a lot of little hacks required to make a website look good, I come to your websites with an understanding that my view of your website might not be ideal. I even understand that I might not have all the functionality that I should given how IE reacts to javascript and your beautiful ajax-y stuff. But I like content. I don’t run javascript; I don’t run flash. But you don’t have a problem with that. Just that I run IE6.

Stop with this trend of blocking IE6 and allow people, who most likely understand that they are running an out-of-date browser but can’t do anything about it, to read the content that you worked so hard to write! Please?