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Chrome Extensions I Use in 2022

Photo by Lucian Alexe on Unsplash

Chrome Extensions I Use in 2022

July 21, 2022

I have been setting up a new computer for work and have finally settled in with my top Chrome extensions. Thought I would share them with you all just in case there is a new one you did not know about!

Below is the top 10 Chrome extensions I use in order of importance (baased on my opinion obviously):


  1. Bitwarden

If you use Bitwarden, OnePassword, Lastpass, etc. you should really be using a password manager. These are amazing. They protect your log in credentials by allowing you to create a random password for each website you visit. These are amazing. Get one!

  1. uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is a must-need extension. The web is full of ads that I do not care for. And uBlock Origin does a great job of blocking these ads for me. However, uBlock Origin also allows for you to whitelist sites or turn off the blocker all together. This makes for a great, customizable extension.

  1. Vimium

I have been using Vim as an editor for a little more than 10 years now. Even when I switched to Emacs, I still use Vim keybindings for movement. So it is really no surprise that an extension that gives me Vim keybindings on a browser would be high up on this list.

  1. The Great Suspender Original

I always have too many tabs open. I use tabs as my history and will keep a tab open until I am done learning from it. (Sometimes weeks…) The Great Suspender takes these tabs that I have open and puts them on hold for me saving my poor computer. If you are someone who keeps 100s of tabs open, I suggest you try this extension out. It is a game-changer!

  1. AWS Extend Switch Roles

This is a great extension if you have a company that has many different roles on AWS. Starting this job at IndigoAg a few months ago, this is my second company that had multiple roles. This is becoming a must-have extension for me.

  1. React Developer Tools

If you use React you know how vital this extension is. There is probably an extension for the front-end library you use. So if it’s React, Vue or Svelte, check out Chrome extension library for something to help you code your front-end library!

  1. Notion Web Clipper

I have been trying to keep better notes in my life by using Notion. One of the more sticky habits I have created with Notion is a Resonance Calendar. And the Notion Web Clipper really helps me keep myself up-to-date with myself. If I read an article that really speaks to me, it is a click away from being entered into my resonance calendar. Easy.

  1. Toucan

I have been trying to learn Portugese for a while now. Using Duolingo and reading poetry. But the idea behind Toucan really spoke to me. Adding Portugese words to my daily life through the internet really has helped me understand the language. If you are trying to learn a second language, give this extension a try!

  1. Ultimate Color Picker

I love stealing colors from other websites. This extension really makes it easy. Any color is just a click away…

  1. Reddit Enhancement Suite

I am a huge fan of Reddit. The Reddit Enhancement Suite allows the website to still be usable to me.

  1. MetaMask / Phantom

I have been toying around with crypto projects here and there. These two wallets are really a must have, but I wouldn’t count it in my top 10. So I didn’t.


These are my top 10 11-ish Chrome extensions. Did I miss any that you feel are a must-have? Hit me up on Twitter if you have a must-have not on this list!