Transfering Domains

This blog post is more than 5 years old and most likely out of date!

So it is official. I have finally moved all my domains away from my old webhosting provider to GoDaddy. I am not sure why I kept all my domains with my webhosting company, but it made a terror when I started this process of switching to WebFaction.

If anyone is starting a web development company or even just has a few websites, I highly recommend keeping your domains and hosting seperate! When you make the switch, like I did, from one hosting company to another it will make the whole process much easier.

As of right now, I still don’t have all my sites up-and-running, but slowly and surely they are coming back online on WebFaction. Good thing I didn’t have any real important websites that this downtime would effect. I am looking at major redesigns of the two sites I care about: 140Plus and GeoHackr.

If and when I switch next time all I have to do is change the DNS and poof!

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