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WTF Recruiters?

September 30, 2014

Well, I thought I have seen it all. As an engineer based in Washington, DC I get an endless stream of recruiting phone calls and emails. Usually I read them and file them away, but every once and a while I get some one trying to be cleaver… today I got a recruiting email that takes the cake!

Good afternoon Josh,

I’ve left a few VMs, shot over a couple emails, even made some blood sacrifices in the hopes of getting a response. Perhaps the issue is that I was using fake blood and stuffed animals; my < SIGNIFICANT OTHER > wouldn’t let me do the real thing.

I don’t actually kill small animals, but I would like to connect with you. Your work stands out for its modernity and I dig your side projects. I can tell you enjoy what you do, and those are the folks I like.

I am a professional technology recruiter, I work exclusively in Washington DC, and I fill permanent/full-time roles. I don’t know how things are at TrackMaven, but I thought I would shoot you something a few months in and re-introduce myself.

Are you open to seeing what’s out there?

Even if you’re not looking to move, I’m happy to send some position descriptions to look at or share with your network.

Have a good evening,


I am not sure if this particular recruiter thought this email was cute or that it would pique my interest, but it went too far! Please recruiters, don’t be this!

There are many ways to reach out to developers, but if you are having that much difficulty reaching someone, it might be time to stop…

If you’d like to discus how we can better the recruitment scene in DC, let me know! I would love to fix this issue; contact me on Twitter.