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24 Hours with Threads by Instagram

July 6, 2023

I’ve been experimenting with Threads by Instagram for approximately 24 hours now, and I must say, it’s surprisingly impressive. There have been numerous rumors suggesting that Meta would introduce a Twitter replacement, but I had little hope that it would actually be any good. However, around 5 pm yesterday, I gained access to Threads and started exploring its features. And I have to admit, I’m impressed.

The Positives

As the nine-month anniversary of my departure from Twitter for Mastodon approaches, I have been actively using Mastodon quite a bit. But it never felt like home. The moment I signed into Threads and imported my Instagram followers, I found a familiar community that I have been missing. This is Threads’ most compelling aspect by far: having a community. Mastodon falls short in terms of acquiring followers. Finding people to follow within the Fediverse is just too difficult.

Threads feels familiar. If you were part of Twitter’s early days, Threads will evoke a sense of nostalgia. Your Instagram connections who have already joined Threads populate your timeline. Viewing friends and engaging in conversations is effortless. It’s truly wonderful.

The Negatives

However, it’s not without its flaws. There are several significant features missing upon its launch. Firstly, there is no web application, which is my primary way of interacting with social media. Discoverability is severely limited. Hashtags do not function, and the search feature only finds users. Furthermore, Threads lacks the comprehensive “Trending” section that Twitter had, which I sorely, surprisingly miss.

Regarding Mastodon and the Fediverse, there were rumors that Threads would somehow interact with the Fediverse. However, it appears that this integration is not yet ready. This is truly disappointing, as I’m uncertain how they plan to incorporate this feature retrospectively.

Additionally, the timeline already seems bloated. Without the option to view “Following Only,” there is already a lot of noise in the timeline. I am apprehensive about how Influencers, Ads, and Corporations will excessively inundate my timeline.


Threads by Instagram is a clear winner in the realm of social media. It seamlessly connects with your Instagram community, instantly making you feel like you belong. However, we will have to wait and see if all the promised features actually materialize. Only time will tell. But for now, come find me on Threads!