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2014 In Review

February 1, 2015

Better late than never, I wanted to give a personal 2014 Year in Review. And what a year this has been! I changed jobs, got married, double-downed on my open source efforts… 2014 was a very busy year. But this is going to just be a high-level overview of what this year was for me. I hope this becomes a place for reflection in the upcoming years, so here it goes.

Here are some numbers

  • 1 new job. I joined TrackMaven in March of 2014. Even though I was super sad to leave Koansys and the iSat project, the growth and happiness I have experienced in these 10+ months have been amazing.
  • 1 new wife. I was finally able to marry the woman of my dreams after 10 years of being together and 4 years of engagement! Woot!
  • Pretty good adoption of BeerLedge. Even though I am hoping for 2015 to be the breakout year for BeerLedge, I was excited by the improvements it was. analytics stats
  • Similarly good adoption of this site. My goal is to blog a lot more, so hopefully that number goes up drastically! analytics stats
  • I had about 750 commits to open-source projects in 2014 with another 400 commits to private repos on GitHub.
  • I gave 5 talks in 2014.

That’s 2014 in numbers. Here’s to a great 2015!