Last year was the first time that I published my New Year Resolutions online for the world to see. This year I am doing it again in hopes to continue getting better at them. Below you will find my 2015 resolutions and how I did in 2014.

My 2015 Resolutions

My 2014 Resolutions

Participate and complete the 2014 NaNoWriMo.
Actively participate in a collaborative open-source project.
Continue to further my current open-source projects on Github.
Be better at regularly blogging. I want to post a blog entry at least once a week.
Improve my programming skill levels in both Python and Javascript.
Give a talk at a local meetup group.
Lose weight. I really want to hit my target goal this year; I made some progress in 2013, but not nearly enough.
Read more fiction. I have far too many books on my 'to-read' list and adding more all the time.
Expand the feature-set and user-base of BeerLedge.
Get more friends visiting the DC area at a regular clip.
Make more of an effort to see friends when back in Connecticut.
Most importantly, get married to my beautiful fianceƩ.

I am sure there are some things I am forgetting, but it definitely feels good to take some time to write these goals out. Expect a more indepth retrospective on 2014 coming up very soon! Here's to a very Happy New Years to you and yours!

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